RJVs Aboriginal Engagement Strategy demonstrates our commitment to local Aboriginal Employment, Training and ensuring the development and sustainability of local Aboriginal Communities in WA.

We believe  the fundamental key in achieving Indigenous engagement is an appreciation of the history, culture and social dynamics driven by long term relationships that are underpinned by accessible, ongoing communication and information. RJV is committed to develop clear goals and expectations in relationships that clarify roles and lead to cultural enrichment.

We do this by proudly partnering with:

  • Gumala Enterprises

  • Hicks Civil & Mining

  • Mallard Contracting

  • Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre

  • Goldfields Land and Sea Council

  • Njardu Elder Service Agreement

  • Wajarri Holdings

  • Wirrpanda Foundation

Our partnerships drive our commitment to achieve an environment where Indigenous people are represented fairly, equally and with respect. We do this by:

  • Supporting career development from our Indigenous Trainee Program with additional education and mentoring opportunities in conjunction with CCFWA. Our Indigenous employees are provided with substantial support to effectively manage their conflicting pressures and family responsibility whilst all staff receive in depth cultural awareness training ensuring all employees feel welcome, supported and respected;

  • Partnering with both the Wirrpanda Foundation and the Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre we continue to provide career growth and longevity within the local Indigenous community;

  • Supporting traditional land owners and recognising their connection to the land through our Njardu Elder Services Agreement and the Goldfields Land and Sea Council;

  • Working with Wajarri holdings to create opportunities through education, environmental sustainability, culture and community development with the traditional land owners of the Mid West region of WA;

  • Forming strategic joint ventures that encourage growth, diversity and sustainability.

We believe our outlook and investment distinguishes us from our competitors and adds to the inherent value we offer in the marketplace.  Our commitment is reflected in numerous regional projects operating in remote communities which dramatically surpass the national average for Indigenous workforce representation. We continue each year to surpass the national average by remaining focused on our convergent partnerships, long term engagement strategy and opening doors for Indigenous communities.