Amberton Estate


Stockland WA Pty Ltd

RJV Scope

Bulk Earthworks - Retaining Walls

Underground Services - Roadworks

Project Location

City of Wanneroo

Project details

RJV’s association with Amberton began in 2013. Since that time, we have successfully delivered approximately 50 stages totalling approximately $70m of works. 

Amberton is a coastal suburb at Eglinton, bounded by the coast to the West and Marmion Ave to the East approximately 48km North of the CBD. The geology of the site is such that RJV has constructed large cut to fill Earthwork packages in shifting coastal sands near the beach as well as Bulk Earthwork packages nearer Marmion Avenue requiring over excavation of lots in rock and top dressing with sand. 

Current construction has focused on delivering the local road network to the coast and delivering stages closer to the beach. All while continuing to liaise and provide access for the growing local community.