Butler Rail 3 Bridges over Rail


Western Australian Government, Public Transport Authority

RJV Scope

Construction of 3 road-over-rail bridges (Butler Boulevard, Benenden Avenue and Landbeach Boulevard) and the associated road works to connect Subdivisions previously built by RJV with each other across the railway.

Project Location

Butler, Western Australia

Project details

The Butler Railway Bridges Project involved the construction of 3 road-over-rail bridges (Butler Boulevard, Benenden Avenue and Landbeach Boulevard) and the associated road works to connect Subdivisions previously built by RJV with each other across the railway. The works also included the completion of the communications and traction power conduit and pit system along the length of the railway cut, the construction of approximately 1.8km of asphalt public shared path (PSP) along the embankment of the railway cut as well as the installation of the limestone capping layer to the cut foundation in preparation for the subsequent laying of track-work and ballast material (completed by others).

The project was completed as part of a joint venture with Bocol Constructions PTY LTD. The Joint Venture saw Bocol complete the bridge construction works and concrete wing wall structures whilst RJV completed all road construction, earthworks, diversion works and services. The road works included the constructions of approximately 8000 square metres of pavement along with earthworks to tie in the adjacent subdivision roads with the newly built bridges. Minor works also included noise wall construction, landscaping, fencing and PSP lighting along the railway alignment.

Each of the bridges involved the construction of a cast in-situ concrete bridge deck with cantilever wing wall abutments, removal of existing services (water, sewer, power, lighting , gas and Telstra) contained within the diversion “bunds” crossing the railway cut, removal of the bund material and its use in backfill to the abutments where possible.

Relevance for MRWA Categories

The Butler Railway Bridges contract demonstrated RJV’s ability to perform a multi facet high-profile contract as part of a joint venture arrangement for a government client.

The contract involved considerable community interaction to ensure local residents were made aware of the works as well as kept informed of any delays that may be caused. RJV was able to effect community consultation through letter drops, community and stakeholder meetings, effective communication and signposting for site contacts and through our approachable presence onsite in Butler. RJV and Bocol, in conjunction with the PTA, developed comprehensive construction management plans to ensure that the potential environmental impacts of the project on the surrounding areas were inimised. Some of the environmental issued addressed by the plans were noise, dust, traffic and vibration.

The project also saw RJV and Bocol engage in value-engineering for the bridge design. Bocol’s experience in cast in situ concrete works and RJV’s experience in the ground conditions at the location of the footings for the bridges (RJV had previously completed the railway cut earthworks for the PTA two years prior) meant that through consultation with the PTA the bridge design and cantilever system originally tenderer on was modified to better suit the surrounding conditions and ensure that the final design was constructed with ease.

Throughout the contract period, RJV managed reporting on both Bocol and RJV QA aspects of the works to meet the requirements of the PTA. RJV completed quality assurance tasks such as RJV’s inspection and testing plans as well as  integrated the reporting of the bridge deck construction (ie. concrete testing, reinforcement schedules, survey and backfill compaction of the abutments) for the project as a whole.

RJV implemented detailed traffic management plans during the construction of the 3 bridges to ensure that disruption to the local residents was minimised. Part of the works included the temporary closure of Benenden Avenue and the realignment of both Benenden Avenue and Landbeach Boulevard. The location of adjacent schools had to be considered during works and works were schedule to ensure that morning and afternoon school drop off periods were kept free of major works associated with the realignment of the roads leading to the bridges.